Distribution of Sanitary Hygiene


Distribution of Sanitary Hygiene by Neha Foundation termed as ‘Padwoman’. This activity was conducted among school girls and Ms. Neha has distributed packs of sanitary napkins to more than 1000 girls of ‘Government Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Vikas Puri”. Students had great interaction with Ms. Neha and enjoyed the awareness session by her. Neha Foundation has committed to make it a monthly affair by ensuring all girls of class IX to XII get a pack of sanitary napkins on a monthly basis.

Neha Foundation wishes to spread its wings to other girl schools as well. Besides distribution of Sanitary napkins, Ms.Neha Dua personally educated the girls about the hygiene factor and how to deal with the social stigma attached to menstrual cycle, which only women are blessed to have.

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