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We would like to take the initiative to take our future into a safe and sustainable direction for deprived ones. Injustice to Women and Children is one big issue which should be handled with urgency so that we can achieve our goal of getting a Joyous Future. It doesn’t end there. It is just the beginning. We are dedicatedly working to give our citizens a social hygiene, breathable air so that we can make this world FRESH.

Health Camp

Though India is the fastest growing economy in the world, still a significant number of Indian population can’t afford basic health treatment.

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Fight for Slum

Neha Foundation has been fighting hard for compensation & rehabilitation of the people who’ve been living there for generations.

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Group Marriage

In our society, spending extravagantly on marriages has been a compulsive phenomenon; hence resulting in financial deterioration of both bride’s and groom’s families where they end up spending all the life’s savings and sometimes get into heavy debts.

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Adoption of Slum Clusters

Neha Foundation has adopted three slum clusters to provide the slum-dwellers a healthy & more balanced life.

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